The Encore Story

At Encore, we believe that with the right tools, equipment, and knowledge that embroidery can be a side hustle, a full-time job, or a hobby.   It could be a hobby that turns into a side hustle or full-time gig.  The beauty is - you get to decide!  We are obsessively passionate about embroidery and our mission is to help people achieve their dreams of creating beautiful, stress-free, projects, and being proud of their accomplishments!  

We focus on quality equipment and supplies along with the knowledge to make your customers proud to work with you!  We are excited to simplify embroidery for everyone through great machines, high-quality software, education and community. 

Our founding


Encore was founded by Nancy Copenhaver in 2009.  Before starting Encore Nancy ran her own embroidery business based in Lincoln, NE.  Things were different then - it was before FaceBook and all the online forums to discuss the challenges faced by all embroidered.  There were a lot of late nights and ripped out stitches as it was a challenge to pick the proper needles and stabilizers.  The school of hard knocks played a big role in the knowledge she shares with people today.

Early growth & funding

Nancy started her embroidery business with one 6 needle machine that ran 600 stitches per minute.  That machine helped her grow her business and funded the purchase of her first Melco machine.  Six months later production was doubled by adding another Melco and then a year later two more machines were required to keep up with sales.   These machines were purchased through funding provided by Geneva Capital, one of our funding partners today.

After successfully growing her embroidery business and learning how to digitize,  the proper use of needles, stabilizers, and different thread types, it was time to learn how to keep her machines running at optimal speed and reduced downtime.  Melco offers technical training classes at their corporate headquarters in Denver and that was the next step. After two weeks in Denver and a Level 1 certificate in hand, Nancy began her career as a technician and trainer.  This step also led her down the path to become a Certified Melco Bravo Dealer.  As you can see from the testimonials page, Nancy has helped hundreds of satisfied customers launch their embroidery business.

In 2017, the grass looked greener as an offer to work for SPSI as the Embroidery Product Manager was accepted.  There were many benefits of being part of a bigger company: great coworkers and the chance to work with customers of all sizes around the midwest, benefits, and holidays.  Then COVID 19 hit and everyone in the apparel decorating industry was effected, resulting in layoffs at SPSI.

The Encore Revival


2020 has been a year for the history books for certain, but that isn't going to stop Encore and we certainly hope it's not going to stop you!  When faced with the question of "what do I do now?" we responded with "do what you love!"  What does that mean exactly?  For Nancy and Encore, it means taking a leap of faith and selling, training, and servicing Bravo Embroidery Machines!  Offering quality products such as Hoop  Master/Mighty Hoops and Hoop Tech products, and offering quality supplies such as Madeira Thread and stabilizers.   

Turning Obstacles into Opportunities


Join us in a leap of faith!  Faith in what you ask?  Faith that you can rely on us to help you learn a new trade, faith that you don't need to rely on someone else to provide you with a paycheck, faith that with the proper knowledge and equipment that you can make quality products that your customers will gladly purchase and wear proudly.  Call me at 402-890-2742 to learn more!

Nancy, Owner
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"Nancy, she is the cats meow when it comes to knowing her Embroidery machines!" 

Dan Gross, Mustang Graphics