16 Color, Multi-Needle Embroidery Machine

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The BRAVO embroidery machine; developed for the advanced hobbyist or starter embroidery business.

BRAVO is a 16 needle high-speed embroidery machine. Built on proven Melco embroidery technology, BRAVO is the most advanced and user-friendly machine in its class. Embroidery machine packages include software, warranty, and training with financing available.


Package A

Perfect package for a hobby or business start-up!

If you want the perfect machine to start an embroidery business - this is the place to start.  The machine in all packages are the same - the difference is the software that comes with the machine.   Click here for more information on what comes in your package and machine specifications.




Package B

Small Business Package

If you want to learn digitizing, this package comes with Design Shop with the Vector Option.  If you use vector art in other areas of your business, you can bring those designs into design shop and use the vector conversion to digitize your own designs.  Click here for more information!




Package C

Get the most options and highest output!

With this package you can network 4 machines together, have a higher stitch speed, a larger sew field and Design Shop Pro+.  If you started with an A or B Package, buy a C Package and all your machines will operate with the advanced features of this package!  Need to know more?  Click here!