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HotFix Rhinestone Machine


Create stunning rhinestone designs!

HomeRun Automatic Placement Rhinestone Machine | StrassCad Software |  4 Rhinestone Bowls & Selection devices (SS6, SS10, SS16, SS20 & SS34) 


Design hot fix elements to adhere to virtually any textile or substrate (such as fabric, plastic, phone cases, computers and more) and combine rhinestones with embroidery, applique, vinyl and more! By using a variety of different color stones and stone sizes, there are unlimited creative opportunities available.


  • Less than half the price of any other automatic setting system with direct from the manufacturer pricing

  • Use up to 5 different rhinestone sizes and unlimited colors per design

  • For designs with more than two colors or two different size stone sizes, owners benefit from a very simple and fast changeout of stones and selection devices (taking about 20 seconds) – much quicker than any other automatic machine. When it comes to the speed of producing a design we know that it’s not only measured in the pick and placement of stones but rather the time it takes to complete the finished design.

  • Create 500 stone rhinestone heat transfers in less than 10 minutes.  Making just 10 shirts per day with a $14 profit per shirt, you and your HomeRun will pay for itself in under 3 months.

  • Up to 80% faster than rhinestone template systems for around the same price, plus lower operating cost with less expensive and fewer consumables

  • The HomeRun comes with StrassCad software for creating your own desigsn.  StrassCad also works with CorelDraw.

  • The lowest operational cost of any other automatic rhinestone heat transfer machine with no periodic maintenance. 

  • The HomeRun does not need an air compressor or air dryer or higher volt electrical wiring like with other automatic machines.  Operates on 110 power source.

  • Commercial grade and designed to stand 24/7 production


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