Bravo A Package

Melco Amaya BRAVO 16-Needle Professional Embroidery Machine &  Cart with casters

DesignShop v10 Lite Embroidery Software ($999.00 Value)

BRAVO Operating System OS 11 with simplified User Interface

Maximum Stitches per Minute - 1,000

Maximum Sew Field 13"x10.5"

Live, on-site Training

Online Webinar Software Training
Phone and E-Mail Support - Unlimited
Small Business Start-Up Guide from Melco
Dakota Collectables Dakota Quick Clicks 200 Designs of Your Choice
Action Illustrated 1,000 Start-Up Pack Embroidery Designs


Embroidery Starter Kit Includes:
16 cones of Maderia Thread, Backing, Topping, Bobbins, Needles, Nippers, Tweezers
1 - 12.0" x 14.0" Jacket Back Hoop
1 - 3.50" Hoop
1 - 4.75" Hoop
1 - 5.85" Hoop
1 - Power Cord, US 110V
1 - Crossover Ethernet Cable 25'

Tool Kit Includes:
Extra trimmer knife, extra red thread feed roller, extra bobbin case, 2 extra thumb screws for arms, Allen wrench set, 4 mm allen driver, bobbin case screwdriver, metal grease, brush for grease, oiler with spout, offset screwdriver, plastic cord for threading tubes, retaining finger gauge, X-Cable tension gauge, panel selection button guide.



Design Shop Lite Software Included

Allows you to open designs that have been purchased (or that you already have) in various formats, set up thread colors, and add basic text from a pre-set selection of fonts. Add borders to lettering, re-size & rotate lettering & graphics.

This package does not allow you to digitize or edit your own graphics. This is a great option for those just wanting to purchase designs ready to stitch, adding text to them, and doing commercial work that all logos will be sent to an outside source to digitizing.

Bravo Lite Software Included

This is the portion of software that transmits designs to the machine to be stitched. The design and color sequence are set up here then transmitted to the machine automatically. The hoop size is selected so that the machine knows the boundaries to stay within and will alert you if the design is positioned outside of the hoop limits.

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