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Janet, Janet's Embroidery

I am very happy with my Bravo embroidery machines. I appreciate you coming to train me on my new embroidery machines. I embroidered all day today and didn't have any problems with the embroidery machines. Since you worked with me on how to set a design properly on the computer I am now able to embroider a design and have it look great when the machine is done embroidering it. That makes me feel good knowing that I am able to use these machines and be able to embroidery design and have it look great when it is all done.

The Bravo embroidery machines are the greatest machines I have ever used. They are far better than any other embroidery machine out there on the market.

Again, thanks for the 2 days of training I received since I bought 3 more embroidery machines from you. I appreciate all you have done to help me get moving in the right direction on how to properly set a design & lettering on the computer and then to send it to the machine and watch it embroidery.

You are the greatest Nancy. You have now made me so happy to know that I can use these machines and not be afraid of them. Keep up the good work and happy embroidering.

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Allison Lawson

Thank you so much Nancy!!!! You are awesome! I learned so much in those 2 days!!! I'm still doing the happy dance!!!!

Stacie Olson

Nancy Copenhaver is great! She trained my on my machine too. The time she took with me and the knowledge she shared has been so valuable. My machine runs great...Highly recommend!


JD Wilson

My personal experience with Nancy, through the years, has proved to me, that she has gone over and above to support her customers, and Nanc has always honored word… She is the BEST…!