I tried Madeira's new CR Metallic Thread on my Bravo and here's what happened!

Most embroiderers have a love hate relationship with metallic thread. Yes, the sparkle and shine is fun and adds a delightful pop to ordinary designs; but any of us that have struggled with stitching metallic, would rather hot glue Cheerios to our eyebrows than accept an order to be stitched with metallic thread.

My history with metallic dates back 15 years ago. I received a large order of polo shirts for the Omaha Public School District using gold metallic thread to be sewn on the left chest. This was my first opportunity to dive into the world of metallic thread, and little did I know that that order would be the most dreadful order of my career.

That was years ago. That was before the great quality metallic threads that Madeira now offers. That was before I learned the proper settings on my machine to make working with metallic thread less intimidating.

Back in June I received a cone of CR Metallic Thread from my friends at Madeira. This new thread was designed to overcome the misconception that metallic are difficult to use. The claim is that "this thread makes metallic embroidery easy and accessible to everyone". Where oh where was this thread 15 years ago?

I've been putting off this test, but when I got up today, I decided that today is the day. I downloaded a beautiful design from Urban Threads ( and grabbed a nylon bag out of the closet and set to stitching. The design was in excess of 28,000 stitches and much to my delight, the machine finished 29 minutes and 27 seconds later with 1 thread break and I ran out of bobbin about half way through. A much better experience than I had when stitching for OPS!

So, after today's sew out, I give credit to Madeira for this new polyester metallic thread, but I also know that Urban Threads designs run without fail, but my true hero in this story is my Melco Bravo!

If you have a Bravo and want to try your hand at adding some sparkle with metallic, simply remember to set your thread feed to Auto and set your lower limits to 7 for a thin garment. That's it - grab one of the 42 colors of CR Metallic thread and try it for yourself!

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